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Booking Conditions

Acceptance of Booking Conditions:

Any written communication with Leader Travels & Tours or use of the website, for the purposes of Holiday arrangements, confirms that you are aged 18 or over and that you fully accept these booking conditions. It is important you read the booking conditions, before you use the site.

Information Provided By You:

All information provided by you should be true and accurate. It will be confidential and will not be forwarded to any third party.

Information Provided By Us:

Leader Travels & Tours does not guarantee that all information provided are error or omission free but we will use every endeavour to correct them once notified. Our opinions are our own.

Although we meticulously strive for accuracy, these opinions are necessarily subjective to some degree. Occasionally, temporary local circumstances -- for example, emergency maintenance work, power cuts or off-season closure – can make advertised facilities unavailable.

Cancellation By You:

•  Any individual, or individual member of a tour group, wishing to cancel a booking with Leader Travels & Tours must immediately notify us in writing and takes effect from the date the written notice is received by us.

•  Any group cancellation must be confirmed in writing by the tour leader.

Itinerary Changes Requested By You:

Leader Travels & Tours strives to offer flexible itineraries. Once your itinerary is finalized, requests for changes to a group or individual itinerary will be considered, but they cannot be guaranteed and may, under certain circumstances, incur an additional cost.

Itinerary Changes Made By Us:

We make every effort to provide your exact itinerary. Leader Travels & Tours reserves the right, however, in unavoidable or uncontrollable circumstances, to make necessary adjustments.

We make every effort to ensure that these adjustments are in the conformity the original itinerary and you will be informed as soon as possible. If exceptional circumstances (eg overbooking of hotel) demand an emergency change of accommodation while you are on holiday, you will be refunded appropriately if the replacement hotel is cheaper.

Complaints Procedure:

Any complaints should as soon as possible be brought to the notice of the supplier of the service (eg hotel manager), or the chauffeur. If the problem is not resolved, your complaint should be put in writing within 24 hours and you must notify Leader Travels & Tours immediately, by fax or e-mail, in a further effort to rectify the situation amicably. We reserve the right to refuse to take responsibility thereafter if this procedure is not adhered to.


We expect reasonable behaviour at all times from our guests. If, in the considered opinion of our representatives or suppliers, your behaviour could cause harm, danger, damage or persistent offence (including racism), you will be informed of the fact, and your holiday may be terminated without compensation. This is for the safety and benefit of fellow holiday makers. You may also be held responsible for willful damage.

Flight Times and Other Essentials:

Check your flight times on receipt of your tickets carefully. Minor changes to flight times may be made by the airline after the issue of our confirmation invoice. We do not accept responsibility for these. Also please ensure that your travel documents, passports, visas, driving license, insurance details and moneys are in order.

Unavoidable circumstances:

We cannot accept responsibility for unavoidable circumstances – defined in these booking conditions as any specific event, which we, as the supplier of the services, could not reasonably have foreseen, influenced or avoided. These include war, or riots, terrorism, contamination, extreme or unusual weather conditions, industrial disputes, changes to sports itineraries, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, flight cancellations or rescheduling by airlines or any similar event beyond our control.


All holiday makers are strongly advised to check on recommended inoculations, the need for malaria tablets, and to take other medical advice at least a month before travel where their own health record suggests it is necessary,


Every holiday maker, must possess valid travel insurance, and details of the policy must be stated before travel. Individuals must ensure that this travel insurance offers acceptable cover for the type of holiday undertaken. We may refuse travel for all those inadequately insured.

Nature of Overseas Travel:

Holidays offered by Leader Travels & Tours range from luxury itineraries to the more budget-conscious. We will make every effort to ensure that our planning is meticulous.

Our infrastructure and facilities in Sri Lanka can at times be comparatively underdeveloped and delays, moments of discomfort and risk can naturally occur in all travel. In the tropics, insects in rooms are common. Our guests just accept this as a fact of life.

Our guests are advised to take sensible precautions at all time, and before booking a holiday should take steps to familiarize themselves with up-to-date information from sources such as the Foreign Office.

Our Liability:

We will accept liability for any incidents that arise as a direct result of our proven negligence, or that of our suppliers, in respect of any arrangement forming part of your holiday itinerary. This includes illness, injury and/or death. Each case will be assessed individually.

Personal Loss, Injury and Illness (outside the itinerary):

Should you, or any member of your group, suffer loss (such as baggage or valuables), serious illness, personal injury or death during your holiday, our stated representatives, or we will provide sympathetic advice and guidance at our/their discretion. This must be carried out in conjunction with your personal travel insurance policy.

Price Guarantee:

We guarantee that your holiday price will not be changed, except where our costs rise because of changes in the exchange rate (above 10 per cent at time of booking) or flight levies, including increased flight insurance premiums.

No surcharges will be levied less than 30 days before departure. In the event of surcharges, you have the right to cancel – with a full refund – as long as you exercise this right within 14 days of the date on the surcharge letter. The relevant exchange rate for each individual tour will be quoted upon request.

Our full-time presence:

The full-time presence of Leader Travels & Tours representatives is not automatic. This depends on your choice of holiday and the extent of the support you have requested. We need your confirmation that these arrangements are to your requirement.

Child Policy.

Children between 2 and 6 years are given a discount of 80 percent of the per person, adult rate, while children between 7 to 12 years old are given 70% discount of the per person adult rate on transfers, excursions, and package tours provided they share room with two adults.

A maximum of two children per party are granted such discounts. Children who require their own rooms are charged as adults.

Save Money and time:

We encourage all our guests to research the holiday they plan to book as this would save time and enable us to Tailor make your holiday efficiently.

It is always good to combine different itineraries into one Tailor made holiday. This may save you money.

The hotels are booked early and get full during the Christmas season, so we advise all our guests to book early as possible especially if you intend holidaying during the Christmas season. This will enable you to get your desired holiday.


Leader Travels & Tours prefers to communicate with its clients by email. When required we will telephone you to discuss your holiday further. All requests are generally acknowledged and replied within 12 - 24 hours unless due to an unavoidable circumstance.

Our booking conditions come into force once you accept our booking invoice and pay a deposit. This is the legal contract between us. However we would urge you to consider the moral contract too. Leader Travels & Tours is a small company and we spend a considerable amount of time tailoring your individual itineraries.

We would request our guests to avoid making tailor made holidays, booking and then cancelling as it takes many hours of research and bookings for tailor made holidays. We at Leader Travels & Tours value our guests with high values and would be very thankfully if our guests would book when completely satisfied with itinerary.

Contact Information

Using of email for correspondence keeps costs to a minimum, speeds up the booking process and avoids the hassles of the time difference. If you do need to contact us the telephone numbers are listed in our contact us page.

Please call the office number on any weekday between 9.00am - 6.00pm. You may call the mobile anytime between 6.00pm - 11.00pm everyday. Sri Lanka is + 5.30 GMT

Confirming a booking

Once you have confirmed your booking we will send you an invoice with details of payment. The invoice will also contain details on how you may make payment.

Payment via bank transfer

This is the safest, quickest and cheapest method of sending us money. Most money transfers reach us in one or two working days. Please note that when sending money transfer charges are to be paid.




Contact us

Feel free to contact us anytime. we are happy to serve you with the best.

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